MkI Fretless Schedua

Currently owned by Jan Hellman (Sweden). Originally owned by Chris Hogarth and claimed by his daughter Cassie, shown above. This is one of my all-time favourite Wal bass pictures. It was great to hear from you recently, Cassie! Photo: Chris Hogarth.

MkIII Custom Burl

This lovely burled Wal MkIII is the latest instrument to be custom-ordered by "walbassist". Completed early this year, it is a perfect illustration of Pete's work at it's finest. In addition to the unique wood facings this bass also features custom pickup placement and mounting.

MkI Tigerwood

Bell's famous tigerwood is legendary for its beauty.

Pro IIE - Old Bluey

Here's one of the most beautiful Wal Pro basses I have ever seen, Bejahu's Pro-IIE "Old Bluey".

Note the beautifully tooled leather scratchplate (usually found on JG models) which certainly sets this instrument apart.

MkIII The Tealburst

Here's a very special MkIII Wal bass. Not only is this tealburst colour both beautiful and unique, but this bass is loaded with bright aqua Sim's LED front (fretboard) and side markers. Any San Jose Sharks fans out there?
This instrument belongs to "Hippiesandwich" who moderates the Wal bass forum at BABP.

MkIII Purpleheart

Is any bass worth waiting 30 months for? This one certainly was! This absolutely incredible instrument features purpleheart facings on flamed sycamore with custom purpleheart block inlays, purpleheart stringers and is adorned with gold hardware.
This amazing bass was custom-ordered and is owned by "Walwear".

MkIII Fretless Walnut 5-string

This beautiful american walnut fretless Wal MkIII bass was built for "walbassist" in 1996. This instrument, affectionately known as "fifi", is very well-known and loved by the community of Wal fans. This is one of the finest-sounding fretless Wal basses ever built.
Again, this lovely instrument is owned by Hippiesandwich.

The Fodera/Wal

This beautful custom-built Fodera bass features Wal pickups and electronics, which makes for a truly one-of-a-kind instrument. For Wal fans it's hard to imagine any instrument that could equal Electric Wood's astounding creations, but this instrument certainly could be one. This instrument was originally built for the gentleman we know as "bejahu".
This instrument is also currently owned by "Hippiesandwich".

MkIII Beech 5-string

This Wal bass was custom ordered for "walbassist" in 1997 and is affectionately known as "blondie". The english steamed beech wood is fairly unique on a Wal bass. This instrument has a matching beech headstock veneer, custom pickup placement and red Sims LED fretmarkers.
Owned by "oddio" who adds "this is the one of the few that Hippiesandwich didn't get!".